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Criminal defense

Arrested for Criminal Offense?

Are you or a loved one being investigated or worried that an arrest likely? It is essential you act quickly and secure a criminal defense lawyer with knowledge and experience. Problems could begin the moment you are cuffed and arrested. Often they begin with a knock on the door or a casual phone call with a request to come down to the station to “just answer some questions.” 

 It may be tempting to “go it alone,” especially if you feel you haven’t done anything wrong. When you are facing criminal charges, it becomes quickly apparent that the other side has endless and unlimited resources. They can be quite ruthless in employing those resources, and often seem more interested in punishment than justice. 

Hiring a seasoned criminal attorney can help you even the odds.

You need to an attorney with enough savvy to navigate you through the local court system and begin to build a strategy for an effective defense. Much like a good medical diagnosis, good legal representation will always begin with a lawyer who knows enough to ask the right questions. These questions begin with a phone call.  

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 Arrested for DUI?

The police are behind you, lights flashing. After some document checks and questions, you are asked to step out of the car. You are asked to perform sobriety tests. You don’t pass the tests, are under arrest and put in cuffs. Were you read “implied consent”? Was your license suspended because you didn’t take a breath test? Were you given a bond after booking? 

This is when you need to call an experienced DUI attorney.
When you call a lawyer, the lawyer should ask you:  
• Where and when were you stopped, by what agency?  
• Were the roadside sobriety tests taped? 
• Did the arresting officer perform a gaze nystagmus test? 
• Did you blow? 
• If you did, what were the results?  
• Do you have prior DUI? Are they in Florida?  
• What is the status of your license?  
• Are there are charges besides the DUI including infractions?  
• Were you given a court date, or do you have to set one yourself?  

If the lawyer doesn’t ask you these questions, hang up and call another one, because information is the key to a successful defense. Perhaps all your questions can’t be precisely answered, but many can be, and it is never too early to plot a strategy for a successful defense. 

Parental Rights

 DCF or CPI threatening to remove your children?

Virtually all Dependency cases begin when someone calls in Child Protection Investigation. Calls made to the child abuse hotline are confidential, so it is possible the parent will never know for sure who called. It might be from another police agency, or a neighbor, or a teacher. In some cases, it comes from an embittered family member or a non-custodial parent. 
 Many child abuse complaints are legitimate and well-founded, some are vicious and bogus. In any case, a child abuse investigation is something that should be taken very seriously, and you should call an attorney with dependency experience.

 An attorney with experience in dependency and child removal should be able to answer some of your questions immediately, and may even be able to prevent the removal of the child. Some parents can be helped quickly with little or no expense. 

Sometimes CPI investigations become protracted or complicated. If you have any questions call Edward Panzica at any time at 727-588-0966.

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